My relationship with nature, animals, and the environment deeply influences my artistic work in relief printmaking. The shape of a leaf, the fin of a fish, or the architecture of the places I’ve traveled often find themselves represented in my prints. My undergraduate work in environmental studies, exposed me to a wide variety of conservation issues, as well as biological studies of specimens. The combination of science and art create a connection that I strive to represent in my work.

Carving into a block of wood or linoleum is physical. This fosters a relationship between myself and the medium, one that allows for experimentation and a combination of practices and techniques. The act of carving seems even more pertinent as I explore the human impact on the environment around us. Of the seven prints in this series, six depict a country or state I’ve visited where human actions have had disastrous environmental effects on that region. By representing a variety of international locations assumed to be environmentally conscious, I am lamenting the extent of ecological hardships due to human exploitation.

One larger, central print imagines the Earth without the effects of human neglect. I included in my composition specific animals, either keystone species or those facing extinction, to highlight what we will lose without immediate action and conscious effort. I would like to think that my prints are an expression of activism as I combine two things that are essential to me and to the world; art and nature.

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